SkyTech Security Services


While we meet, and in most cases, exceed the requirements in our contracts, all of our courses and instructors are certified by the states we service or by the Department of Defense (DoD) for federal accounts.

Training for federal accounts is derived from the specific requirements mandated by the Department of Defense. We perform regularly scheduled annual and semi-annual requirements for range, PT runs, and updates on all modifications to DoD standards.

Training for state and local governments is reviewed thoroughly by our training team, who prides itself on providing exceptional training for its security personnel. This training involves regularly scheduled refresher courses for all officers on report writing, use of force (where applicable), customer service skills, post orders, and general orders.

In addition, SkyTech mandates standards for training that exceeds the minimum requirements of local laws for security agencies that include, but not limited to: a 20-hour basic training, drug testing, psychological testing, and 40-hour firearm training, along with complete background/reference checks.

Some of the certification and training services include:

  • Basic security officer Curriculums
  • Department of Defense (DoD) anti-terrorism
  • CPR / EMD
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Requalification for handgun and shotguns

Quality training is essential in providing the best security services for our clients. It is our commitment to learning and development that allows us to provide our customers with knowledgeable and motivated security staffing solutions. No matter where we serve, we strive to be the most responsive security services firm in the industry.

Management and Staffing Tools

SkyTech Security Services provides exceptional service to its clients through several management and staffing tools. We effectively manage daily activity to ensure the protection, safety and security of client’s property and sites. SkyTech Security’s management tools include:

  • Workforce Development / Time & Attendance System – Security officers are required to use a T&A system to report time and attendance at assigned posts, which manages Human Resources/payroll/billing hours and much more. More importantly, the system provides instant verification of officer’s physical presence on assigned post and ready for duty. This workforce development system is the key to our onboarding process from orientation to performance verification.
  • After Hour Tour Check-Ins – In addition to using the T&A system, security officers are required to do check-ins periodically during evening and graveyard shifts. If an officer misses his/her check-in time, a representative contacts the officer to ensure his/her safety and security at the site. This allows us to ensure the officer is actively engaged in his duties to service our clients.
  • Timekeeper roving NFC tags – The wands are used to report a security officer’s patrol location within the site via strategically installed NFC tags. SkyTech Security officers are required to use these wands while making rounds.
  • 24-hour Command Center– SkyTech Security representatives are available 24-hours a day to address any emergencies, criminal activities and other issues involving security officers and sites. Phones are answered by highly trained operators 24X7.
  • Supervisory notifications – All alerts provided from the system are sent via email instantly to all of our field management staff. This extremely effective process is a significant “value add” to our ability to communicate consistently.