Unmatched Experience & Dedication to Security

We stand ready to serve federal customers as we help build experience for smaller organizations, as well as fill protective service requirements for larger federal bidders.

Unarmed & Armed Security Detail

We employee rigorous screening and compliment it with training that exceeds industry standards to ensure quality, secure armed and unarmed guards for all engagements.

Commercial & Public Security Experience

With multiple federal, state/local and commercial contracts, SkyTech, our experienceOur capabilities compliment teaming partners of all sizes  through value-added services.

Security Services for Individual, Offices, & Events

Providing security services to many of Chicago’s largest events gives us an understanding of the role of customer service in our profession.  We maintain a cadre of full spectrum, professional guards to specifically match the profile of the duty.

What Makes SkyTech a Superior Teaming Partner?

SkyTech Security is an experienced armed and unarmed protective services provider that is currently seeking to expand our experience in the Federal marketplace through effective teaming.  SkyTech has grown steadily over the
past 16 years.

Today, we are the largest provider of armed and unarmed security services to the City of Chicago, where we protect the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Chicago Housing Administrative offices (CHA), Cook County Building Headquarters, US Army, Federal Aviation Authority, and other City of Chicago agencies.

In addition, our federal past performance includes contracts to protect facilities and Installations for the US Army, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),

We Call Chicago Home

SkyTech is a graduated SBA 8(a) firm, City of Chicago MBE, Chicago Transit Authority DBE, and State of Illinois BEP firm with successful contracts completed in the government, private, and B2B spaces.

Our experience spans industries in several vertical markets, including Federal / DoD agencies / sites, local government, financial institutions, commercial real estate, public transportation, industrial and manufacturing.

At the present time, SkyTech is the largest provider of security services for the City of Chicago.

Canine Specialists

In addition to human security officers, SkyTech has the expertise, experience and required credentials to provide detection canines to the Chicago Transit Authority .We deliver certified and experienced canine services to deter potential threats, protecting facilities,  and civilians.

The canine division of is led by a team of highly experienced professionals with a deep experience in training and deploying narcotic, explosive and patrol canines. We can respond to small and large scale canine training requests.

Sustainable Services

We rise to this challenge by employing the latest green technology to reduce our footprint, while maintaining best-in-class protective services. We will work with sustainability experts to best identify areas where we can contribute; including potential areas for improvement such as solar charging stations, bicycle patrols and other ‘green’ assets.

Diversity is our Strength

Central to our forward-looking approach is a deep respect for the various faces that make up the employees, visitors, and guests of our clients. SkyTech values inclusiveness in our hiring practices and equality in execution of our duties. Instilling respect for perspectives beyond our own, SkyTech training reflects our emphasis on diversity as we challenge our guards to constantly grow and improve.

Our Certifications

Just a few of the certifications we have earned over the years.

We’d Appreciate the Chance to Work With You

We are glad that you have expressed interest in SkyTech as a viable teaming partner.  Please fill out the form below or give us a call at (312)225-8886 and speak with a teaming representative immediately.

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