SkyTech Security hires only the highest quality employees in the industry. We’re looking for you if you’re interested in working at a leading security company, excel in a team-oriented environment, and want to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients. You will receive exceptional pay and tremendous benefits based on Union guidelines.

All employees are carefully screened. We conduct thorough criminal background searches, pre-employment verifications, and suitability investigations. All officers receive pre-employment drug screening and many are required to complete personality profiles.

All officers are required to attend an orientation class prior to assignment. Upon post assignment, officers receive additional on the job and site training to understand our customer’s requirements and expectations. Refresher training is mandatory.

SkyTech Security prides itself with providing our staff with competitive salaries and benefits. In doing so, SkyTech is able to attract the most qualified employees and experience minimal employee turnover.

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SkyTech Security is an equal opportunity employer (EOE).